The Lawyer Of The Future: The Management Of Change In Legal Services

The world is no longer the same as a decade ago, and in 10 years we will not be the same as today. The market changes, business strategies and therefore growth models have to adapt to the new reality and anticipate a future where change will be the general trend. Thus, the question is obvious: are lawyers adapting to these changes? And it is very likely that we are one of the professions most reluctant to change.

Have we stopped to think about the consequences of the changes experienced in the companies we advise? Do we know their new realities? Should we complement the services provided? Do we have a formal innovation process in our structures?

The new reality forces us to take quick steps to adapt to current circumstances, aimed at an inevitable change of legal services, both from the exogenous and endogenous point of view.

Exogenous regarding the services required: currently they are radically different from the traditional ones.

Likewise, the legal advice provided in preparation for one of the aforementioned procedures is excluded, or when there is a specific indication and a high probability that the matter on which it is advised will be subject to said systems, provided that the advice is provided by a lawyer within the meaning of Article 1 of the aforementioned Directive 77/249 / EEC; or the services of certification and authentication of documents that must be provided by a notary; or legal services provided by administrators, guardians or other legal services whose suppliers are appointed by a court in the Member State concerned or designated by law to perform specific functions under the supervision of such courts; or, finally, other legal services that in the Member State in question are related, even occasionally, with the exercise of public power.

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