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We have recently received several emails to share about the legal practices in other countries, specifically in Asia. And top of our choice in terms of the legal system is Singapore. Disputes are likely to occur when two or parties transact. There are many reasons why lawyers are hired. It can be for advisory role, to determine if there is a case in case disputes arise and for representation in a court of law, although not all disputes end up in a court of law. As there are many law firms that offer various legal services, here is the process a person can follow when seeking legal help in Singapore:

• Identifying a suitable law firm. As earlier stated, there are hundreds of law firms in Singapore to choose from. There are many criterion that a person can use when selecting a perfect lawyer. You can choose a lawyer based on experience and the cases they have specialised in among others.
• Presenting the case. This is the stage that determines if there is sufficient reason and evidence to proceed to a court of law. This is also where the advocate tries to offer alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Bringing matters to court is usually the last resort.
• If there is a case, the selected advocate will ask for necessary evidence and start preparing the case.
There is not much difference here when it comes to offering legal guidance. It depends on a client’s query and a lawyer’s specialisation.

Why should you seek legal advice?
This question is commonly asked by many people in Singapore. Legal disputes can ruin the reputation of a business. As we all know, lawyers are trained to handle legal issues. Here are a few reasons why you should seek legal help:
• Lawyers might help you get paid various remedies, you suffered or incurred as a result of a dispute.
• Advocates will help clear your name. The court can clear a person or a Company from any charges. Legal services can help maintain the reputation of a Company.
• Legal services are quite affordable compared to other dispute resolution mechanisms in Singapore.
• Lawyers are experts in legal matters are familiar with a wide field of law. So if you’re involved in marital disputes, you’d want to engage a good divorce lawyer Singapore, rather than a criminal lawyer.

Choosing a law firm
As earlier stated, there are numerous advocates in Singapore to choose from. However, people find it difficult to find a suitable lawyer to handle their cases. Here are some guidelines to help you choose a perfect law firm in Singapore:
• Start off by compiling a list of top law firms near your location. Always go for firms you can easily access to minimise transportation costs.
• Check out the reputation of the selected advocate firms from the list. There are some lawyers who have a bad reputation when it comes to both serving clients and handling cases. You can check out reviews and testimonials.
• The third step involves asking for a quotation for the selected advocate’s firm. Lawyers in Singapore charge different prices for their services. You should hire a lawyer you can comfortably afford without straining.
• Inquire if there is a lawyer specifically trained to handle your case. If yes, make them your first choice preference. You can try looking through connections on legal portals, such as Asia Law Network or SLIC LinkedIn profile. Pages like these have many lawyers connected to them on a first degree basis.

In conclusion, you can make a huge progress by seeking legal services whenever disputes arise but knowing who to choose is a real deal breaker. Use the above suggestions to narrow down your options and you’d be good to go.

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